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Bajwa Immigration Consultants have expertise in education and migration for students and working class in Australia. Our trained and experienced staff can help you join your dream course. Our consultancy’s successful journey of 20000+ admissions, 20000+ Temporary Residence, 15000+ PR is a proof by itself. We work according to your personalised needs, since we understand that each client’s requirement is different. Starting from the admissions process, getting your temporary visa and helping you with your Permanent Visa application, Bajwa Immigration Consultants are happy to be a part of every step you take. We work towards making your process for the Australian journey as comfortable as possible.

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Mr. Jujhar Singh Bajwa

MARN: 0742209
MIA 2716

Mr. Mandeep Singh

MARN: 2015849
MIA 23425

Mr. Gurvinderjeet Singh Parmar

MARN: 1808842

Mr. Harsh Yadav

MARN: 2117646

Mr. Shamsher Kainth

MARN: 2117656

Ravinder Singh

MARA NO. 1678111

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma

(Director & Marketing Specialist)
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