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TRA Skills Assessment


If you have completed your trade qualification and want to have your skills assessed these are the steps you need to follow:

 Step 1 –Provisional Skills Assessment

Under PSA, TRA will confirm your identity and verify the authenticity of your Australian qualification, and that you are doing a range of tasks and duties relevant to your nominated occupation in an Australian workplace. A successful PSA outcome can be used to apply to Home Affairs for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485). A successful PSA outcome is required before you can apply for Step 2 JRE of the JRP.


To be eligible for a PSA you must have:

  • held an international student visa (as the primary visa holder) to study in Australia
  • a qualification relevant to an occupation assessed by TRA, and awarded by a CRICOS RTO as a result of study in Australia
  • evidence of a minimum of 360 hours of employment and/or a vocational placement relevant to your qualification and nominated occupation, completed in an Australian workplace, within the three years prior to submitting a PSA application

Documents needed to assess Provisional Skill Assessment/360 Hours:

  1. Passport (all pages)
  2. One Passport Size Photograph
  3. Australian Qualification
  4. Evidence of 360 hours of employment and/or Vocational Placement relevant to your qualification-
Paid Employment Experience letter from Employer and Payslips
Vocational Placement Placement letter from college, Experience letter from Employer, one copy of log book(attested)
Working on ABN Experience letter from Employer, Invoices and Bank Statement
  1. Business advertisement of the employer on the local website i.e. True local, White pages or Yellow pages.

Assessment Outcome:

You will receive notification of the outcome of your PSA application by email following the assessment and verification process. If your assessment is successful, the outcome letter can be presented to Home Affairs as part of your 485 visa application.
Important Note: Once you got your Successful PSA Outcome and you are on 485 Visa or lodged visa application/holding Bridging Visa (with full rights) please register yourself as soon as possible for (Step-2) Job Ready Employment through Online Portal.

Step 2 – Job Ready Employment

For Job Ready Employment, applicants must find employment in their nominated occupation, and submit that employment for Job Ready Employment through the online portal and provide the appropriate registration documents to TRA.


  • have received a successful PSA outcome
  • have less than 4 months remaining on your student visa
  • hold or have lodged an application with Home Affairs for a visa that has full (unrestricted) work rights and provides sufficient time to complete Steps 2‐4 of the JRP (a minimum of 12 months)
  • have secured eligible employment

Employment requirements:

You must complete at least 1725 hours of paid employment in your nominated occupation over a minimum of 12 calendar months from your JRE Start Date. Periods of leave (including paid leave) cannot be included in the 1725 hours. Claiming prior employment: You can claim up to three consecutive months of paid employment that was undertaken immediately prior to applying online for JRE. This can only be claimed at the time of submitting your JRE application online.

Prior employment will only be considered where it was:

  • undertaken with the first employer you registered for JRE
  • in your nominated occupation
  • undertaken in the three months immediately prior to your online JRE application
  • not already used to meet the work requirements for your PSA application
  • supported with acceptable pay evidence
  • for employment arrangements approved by TRA

Step 3—Job Ready Workplace Assessment

When a participant has completed and provided acceptable evidence of at least 863 hours of paid employment over a minimum of six months, they may be eligible to participate in Step 3 – a Job Ready Workplace Assessment.

Evidence includes:

  1. Skilled Progress Report
  2. Payslips/Invoices with Bank Statement

Step 4— Job Ready Final Assessment

A Job Ready Final Assessment is conducted when acceptable evidence of at least 1725 hours of paid employment over a minimum of 12 calendar months is verified and after the successful completion of a Job Ready Workplace Assessment. For further information regarding PSA/Job Ready Program you can visit 


Fee Type Fee
Provisional Skills Assessment $300
Provisional Skills Assessment Review (if required) $300
Job Ready Employment $500
Job Ready Workplace Assessment $2,000
Subsequent Job Ready Workplace Assessment (if required) $2,000
Job Ready Final Assessment $150


Trade Skills Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the expected timeframe to process a PSA (Provisional Skill Assessment)?

Ans:- Usually it takes 90 days. Time may vary depending on the volume of applications. However, in some cases, we have observed getting PSA in 30-40 days.

2. Can I apply Provisional Skill Assessment (PSA) and Job Ready Program before I complete my study?

Ans: No, you must have completed your study for a qualification relevant to an occupation assessed by TRA.

3. Can my qualification form overseas be considered for a PSA?

Ans: No.

4. Is the IELTS required for the PSA?

Ans:- No.

5. Does TRA (Trade Recognition Australia) accept a qualification achieved through RPL?

Ans: No. The JRP is for international student graduates who have completed their qualifications/s   through a CRICOS RTO.TRA may consider a small component of RPL (two to four units) within a qualification only where the student’s skills and/or knowledge being assessed were achieved in Australia. Qualifications containing two to four units by RPL must be supported by a letter from the RTO stating that the prior learning assessment covered skills and knowledge achieved by the student in Australia only.

6. How many hours I can work to apply PSA and Job Ready Program?

Ans- On Student Visa you can work for 20 hours per week as per visa condition for PSA. On full work rights- Hours can vary from 35, 38 or 40 but you must work at least 20 hours per week during Job Ready Program.

7. What documents are required to register Job Ready Program?

Ans:  Employer and employment details,  Successful PSA Outcome,  Visa Grant Notification.

8. Can I change my Employer during Job Ready Program?

Ans: Yes, you can change 5 employers during Job Ready Program, but you must complete 6 months and 863 hours with at least one Employer.

9. Can I work on cash at ABN?

Ans: No, If you are working on ABN employer will transfer the salary in your account.

10. Is Bank Statement compulsory if I am working on ABN?

Ans: Yes.

11. What should be the minimum pay rate of my Occupation?

Ans: Pay rate can vary according to the Occupation, job title and State of residence. You can check your  payrate on

12. How many hours I must complete on Job Ready Program?

Ans- 1725 hours in one year.

13. When can I apply Job Ready Workplace Assessment?

Ans: After fulfilling the eligibility of 6 months and 863 hours from your start date of employment.

14. My employer has closed, or I am no longer working because of the COVID-19, can I still undertake Job Ready Workplace Assessment?

Ans: TRA is aware that the Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak and government-imposed restrictions are impacting on JRP participants. If you think you may be eligible for a JRWA, please send an email to and you will be advised on whether a JRWA can be conducted at this time. If your workplace has closed temporarily, your work hours have been reduced, or your employment has been terminated due to the COVID 19, please email TRA at

15. When can I apply Job Ready Final Assessment?

Ans: After completing 1725 hours and 12 months employment.

16. When I have to send Skilled Progress Report to the department?

Ans: After 6 months from the date of Online Registration you will update Skilled Progress Report with Payslips/Invoices+bank statement on Online Portal

17. In how many days I can get my Job Ready Workplace Assessment Outcome?

Ans: Within 15-20 days or 4-5 weeks.

18. In how many days I can get my Job Ready Final Assessment Outcome?

Ans: Within a week or 4-5 weeks.

19. My Job Ready Workplace Assessment will be conducted through Technical Interview or at Workplace?

Ans: It depends on the decision of the Officer allocated to you for conducting Workplace Assessment.

20. How can I contact TRA Department?

Ans: You can contact TRA department via-
Phone- 1300 360 992

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