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Section 48 Bar waiver petition

Section 48 Bar Waiver Petition

Section 48 Bar waiver petition

Section 48 Bar of Migration act 1958 prevents the international students and other onshore applicants to lodge further visa onshore.

If you have your visa refused and you have applied for AAT appeal, you can not lodge any substantive visa while staying in Australia. That means you need to go overseas first and only then you can lodge any visa be it subclass 485 visa, subclass 190 visa, or  subclass 189 visa.

There are large number of students who has lodged their AAT appeals and now waiting for their hearing date. Meanwhile some of them have lodged their EOI (Expression of Interest) and state nominations.

Some people who have started their permanent migration residency process have got nominations as well as invitation from Department of Home  Affairs. Now the problem is that despite having invitations from Department of Home Affairs they can not lodge their visa as they have Section 48 Bar imposed on them.

Due to corona virus, their are very limited number of international flights and even it is hard to secure the air ticket. So, most of them cannot go overseas. On the other hand Department of Home Affairs only provide them 60 days to apply for the invited visa. If they could not apply within the time frame, they will loose the opportunity and they have stand in the EOI queue again. It is worth noting that they might not be able to secure invitation again.

Therefore section 48 bar puts these students at disadvantage. So, we have lodged a petition to the parliament of Australia and ask them please consider the plight of these students. They have accepted or petition and asked us to get it sign by as many as people possible.

Bajwa Immigration consultants request all international students as well as people related to them sign the petition.

If you need any other help in any migration related issues you can contact us and our team will try to help you as much as possible.More information for AAT can be find on our website page AAT Appeals

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