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Hope for illegal workers in Australia

Hope for illegal workers in Australia

What is new?

The Australian Government is thinking to introduce an amnesty for illegal workers, that means illegal workers may be granted some sort of visa which would allow them to work and live in Australia legally. The Australian agriculture minister David Littleproud said the government can make such a decision within weeks.

Why government is thinking on such an idea

It has been almost more than six months since Australian has closed its borders for International workers, visitors and students. The people especially who come to Australia on working holiday visa or Student visa would normally work in Australian farms, making sure the there are enough workers in farms in harvest season.

As harvest season is about come, Farmers needs thousands of workers who can work their legally. Government also believe their are still illegal workers workings in farms but not all farmers allow illegal workers to work in their farms and even it makes harder for illegal workers go and find job in the farms.

Victorian Farmers Federation vice-president Emma said that it is good idea to allow illegal workers to work legally if they do so they will pay the taxes as well which will also help Australia.

What illegal people can expect in future

It is still not clear how much and what kind of measures the Australian government will take to fix the shortage of farm workers but one can certainly except the cool wind might blow for illegal worker and chances are they might get some sort of visa that will make them legal in this country.

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