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Our team at Bajwa Immigration Consultants will guide you through all the documents and procedures required. Our solutions will always be relevant, precise and informative respectively to the requirement. In admission process, we require the basic following 4 Steps.

We have all the comprehensive and the latest information on all the courses at all levels as per their availability (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, and Masters etc.). By thoroughly analyzing each information our expert counselors give impartial and professional free advice on education, institutions and course options based on your preference, academic background and future plans.

We tell our student how to handle all the procedures successfully. Our experienced counselors will advise you about all the documents required for the application.

Once the student has met all conditions the student would receive an offer letter. The institution will reply to the student’s application in one of the four ways:

A Full Offer letter

This indicates if the student is eligible for a direct entry into the institution’s program or not.

A Conditional Offer letter

You would be contacted by the institution to supply the additional information required. Once the conditions are fulfilled then you will receive a Full Offer letter.

A Package Offer letter – It is a version of a Full Offer letter

It is a full offer to the program with an additional conditional offer into another program to the student. This letter would explain that if you have successfully fulfilled certain conditions during the Foundation Program or not.

A Rejection letter

This indicates that the student does not meet the entry requirements for that program at the specific institution.

After meeting all the conditions, once the student pays the minimum initial payment after accepting the offer letter, the institute will provide a confirmation of Enrollment(COE) letter.

Step 1:

Sign offer acceptance Letter

Step 2:

The college asks to provide the financial documents to verify the source of funds. The student is required to furnish the necessary documents for clearance.

Step 3:

Once the funds are approved by the institution, next step is the interview. Most of the colleges and universities conduct an interview after verifying the funds but few may ask for an interview to be scheduled before providing offer letter.

Step 4:

Once the payment is confirmed then the student is issued with an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment form.

In most cases, the institution would issue this and then forward it, via an agent to the student. In some cases, the institution may have authorized an agent to create e-CoE on their behalf.

Step 5:

Once the student has an e-CoE then an application for the student visa needs to be processed.




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